2014 Municipal Election Accessibility Plan – printer friendlyIn accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 (MEA), all municipalities are required to adhere to the following provisions:

Electors and candidates with disabilities
12.1 (1) A clerk who is responsible for conducting an election shall have regard to the needs of electors and candidates with disabilities. 2009, c. 33, Sched. 21, s. 8 (8).

12.1 (2) Within 90 days after voting day in a regular election, the clerk shall submit a report to council about the identification, removal and prevention of barriers that affect electors and candidates with disabilities. 2009, c. 33, Sched. 21, s. 8 (8).

45. (2) In establishing the locations of voting places, the clerk shall ensure that each voting place is accessible to electors with disabilities. 2009, c. 33, Sched. 21, s. 8 (23).

The City of Guelph is committed to providing an accessible and barrier free community and services. The following plan has been developed in advance of the 2014 Municipal Election in order to identify measures to be taken and reported to Council following the election and to ensure compliance with MEA provisions, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) and the City’s Corporate Accessibility Policy.


This plan has been created to outline the measures that the City of Guelph will be considering and implementing in order to ensure that the all electors and candidates have an equal opportunity to participate in the 2014 Municipal Election

The objectives of the plan include ensuring that:

  • all voting locations are accessible, including accessible parking and transportation options;
  • persons with disabilities are able to independently and privately mark their ballot and verify their selection;
  • persons with disabilities have full and equal access to all information on where and when to vote and on eligible candidates;
  • persons with disabilities can fully participate in the Municipal Election as electors and/or candidates in an equal way;
  • electors and candidates with disabilities are aware of the accessibility measures that are being considered and are available.

Development of Plan

When developing this plan, the following steps were taken to make sure that all legislated requirements were met and that a suitable implementation plan was in place. In developing this plan the following steps were taken:

  • A review and analysis was conducted of related documents including the City’s Corporate Accessibility Policy, accessibility guides provided by AMCTO, and other supporting materials from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
  • Meetings and consultations between the 2014 Election Team and the Accessibility Services Coordinator for the City of Guelph.
  • Consultation and Plan review with the City of Guelph Accessibility Advisory Committee.