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Nomination period for 2018 municipal election opens in May

In less than a year, Guelph residents will elect the 2018-2022 Guelph City Council and School Board Trustees. Here are a few important changes to the Municipal Elections Act for potential candidates and residents to keep in mind.

Nomination period

The nomination period has been changed to May 1 through July 27. In previous elections it was January through mid-September.

Individuals wishing to register as candidates in the 2018 municipal election must ensure their nomination papers are filed within this time. The City will hold candidate information sessions in 2018; dates and times will be posted on guelph.ca/vote when available.

Third party advertising

The Municipal Elections Act now regulates third party advertising. A third party advertiser is an individual, corporation or union that spends money on advertising in support of a candidate or a yes/no question on the ballot. A third party advertiser acts on their own, not on behalf of the candidate.

Third party advertisers will be required to register with the City between May 1 and October 19. Additional details will be posted on guelph.ca/vote when available.

Important 2018 dates

More information

Forms and documents will be posted on guelph.ca/vote in early 2018.

Still have questions? Contact the City Clerk’s Office at guelphvotes@guelph.ca or 519-837-5625.

Media contact

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