Election employment opportunities

Are you interested in working the municipal election? Here are a few examples of some of the election jobs we have available:

  • Ballot Officer: Responsible for verifying a voter’s identification, looking up voters in an electronic database, striking voters off the list, and providing them with a ballot.
  • Revision Officer: Responsible for looking up, adding or updating a voter’s information in the electronic database and assisting voters in completing forms.
  • Tabulator Officer: Responsible for assisting voters to feed completed ballots through a tabulator and troubleshooting any tabulator errors, as well as assisting voters with using accessible voting equipment.
  • Greeter: Responsible for greeting voters and helping them access the voting location, as well as directing voters to the correct staff person and answering voters’ questions.

If you are interested, more details and an online application will be posted on July 16. Please check this website for updates.