Is there a limit to how much my spouse and/or I can contribute?

Yes. If you are running for municipal council, there is a limit on the total amount that you and your spouse may collectively contribute to your own campaign. The contribution limit is calculated based on the number of electors who are eligible to vote for the office that you are running for. The formula to calculate the limit is:

  • for head of council: $7,500 plus $0.20 per eligible elector
  • for council member or school board trustees: $5,000 plus $0.20 per eligible elector

There is a cap of $25,000. If the formula results in a number greater than $25,000, the limit will still be $25,000.

All of the contributions that you and your spouse make to your own campaign count towards this limit, including:

  • contributions of money
  • the value of goods or services that you or your spouse donate to the campaign
  • the value of any inventory from the previous election that you use again in this campaign

Please note that this limit does not apply to school board trustee candidates.