Campaign contributions

Frequently asked questions

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No. Contributions to municipal and school board candidates are not tax deductible.

Campaign contributions are any money, goods or services that are given to candidates for use in their campaign.

If you buy a ticket to a candidate’s fundraiser, the cost of the ticket is a contribution.

If you give a candidate a special discount on a good or service for their campaign, the difference between what they were charged and what an average person would be charged is considered to be a contribution.

A maximum of $1,200 can be contributed to a single candidate. This includes the value of any goods or services, as well as money, donated to a single candidate.

You cannot contribute more than $5,000 in total to candidates running for offices on the same council or school board.

Any person who is a resident of Ontario may make a contribution to a candidate’s campaign. Federal and provincial political parties, corporations, businesses and trade unions are not eligible to make a contribution.

Corporations and trade unions, as well as individuals, may however register as a third party advertiser or contribute to a third party advertiser.

More information about third party advertisers is available by visiting the third party advertisers page.